Research: understanding pastoral systems

Our research efforts are driven by the lack of social and natural sciences research on grasslands and pastoral communities in India. Neither grasslands nor pastoral communities are reflected in the state’s attempt to categorise, enumerate or understand open landscapes or livestock rearing communities. Grasslands are routinely categorised as wasteland (assuming that the absence of forest cover reflects degradation), and neither human nor animal census operations count pastoralists and their animals as distinct from the landed agricultural communities. 

Our work hinges primarily on deepening  an understanding of pastoralism and grassland dynamics in the country.  Much of this work is undertaken in collaboration with major research centres, an approach we believe can engage more academics with interests in pastoralism/grasslands and related issues, and in the process accelerate a collaborative learning process.
RAMBLE, a research station in Banni, Kachchh © Nirav Mehta

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CfP’s research thematic works in two ways: (i) it undertakes or commissions research and review papers on issues of immediate or policy-related interest; and (ii) it is part of a consortium, Forum for Research on Grasslands and Pastoralism (FRGP), that hopes to facilitate research via provision of fellowships, the maintenance of a network of field stations and the building of a repository on pastoralism and grasslands.
Ongoing Research
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