World Without a Roof

'World without a Roof' is a graphic book on pastoralism for beginners that draws on the lives of pastoralists from across India, bringing to us fascinating stories of their values, lives, dilemmas, travails and triumphs. Evocatively illustrated by Somesh Kumar and authored by Sarita Sundar with Arvind Lodaya, the book carries a forward by Ilse Köhler-Rollefson who works extensively with camel herders in Rajasthan and an afterword by Sushma Iyengar,  curator of the Living Lightly exhibition.


Pastoral Times, initially conceived as an event's newspaper for the Living Lightly exhibition in 2016, is now a quarterly publication that hopes to cover major and minor developments in the world of pastoralism, with special sections devoted to ecology, culture, economics and society. Feel free to contact  Bhawna Jaimini with a news story or a write-up you would like to develop for PT.

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Report: National Workshop On Recognition, Registration And Conservation Of Livestock Populations In Pastoral Ecosystems (2017)

Report of a recently held national workshop aimed at initiating a national programme on the Recognition, Registration and Conservation of livestock populations in pastoral ecosystems. The workshop was hosted by the Centre for Pastoralism and the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, in collaboration with the Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Gujarat and the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India. Click on thumbnail to download the report

Report: Consultation On Forest Rights Act And Rights Of Pastoralists (2017)

Report of a recently held consultation on rights of pastoralists and the Forest Rights Act. The consultation was organised to discuss the status of rights recognition of pastoral communities under the FRA, key initiatives already undertaken by pastoral communities with regard to filing CFR claims, state’s response to these initiatives, and ways by which pastoralists’ CFR rights agenda might be advanced.  Click on thumbnail to download the report